exhibit 1

When dribbling a basketball, control is maintained from the pads of the fingers, not the fingertips or palms. Use the finger pads when dribbling a basketball with tips from a basketball coach in this free video on sports.

exhibit 2

Nails are the hard surfaces that protect the vascular areas and nerve endings in the pads of the fingers.

exhibit 3

(dictionary.com) pad: The fleshy underside of the end of a finger or toe.

I get conflicting ideas from the above sentences. #1 is refering to the larger finger area; #2 is refering to the finger tip pads. please show me where is the pads of the fingers? And how can you dripple basket ball with only pads (if it means finger tips)?

I got a picture here. Tell me is it SectionA? or SectionB? or Section(A+B)?

(I know the palm is the lower middle area.)


It might help if you think of it as the area that is used when someone takes your finger-prints.

You just use your fingers(A+B). :] hope that helped
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I think it's A.

Exhibit 2 seems a little confusing, and would indicate that the pads include the complete first bone, which I don't think is correct.
the pads of your fingers is A.
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