Hi. Is the sentence below rightly written?

I must be clever, I must show off the campaing to the prospective customers.
or Should I say?
I must show off the campaign in an appealing way to the prospective customers.
I mean, does "show off" include that something is done in an interesting way?
Great! Thanks in advance
It's difficult (for me) to answer this without first getting a good idea of what you mean by "the campaign." If you're talking about an "advertising campaign," It would be like an "advertising strategy" in the sense that this is not "the thing" which you're showing to the customer. "The campaign" is "the sales plan," or perhaps "the execution or implementation of the plan." You don't reveal to the customer your plan or strategy for suckering him out of his money.

Re "showing off," if you're truly proud of something you don't mind telling someone that you would like to show it off, especially if it's a physical thing. But in some cases you might choose to beware that "showing off" is sometimes considered bad style, or overly ostentatious. Emotion: rolleyes

But, yes, properly showing off a product to a prospective customer would certainly include doing so in an interesting and appealing way.
Ok, thanks Avangi, it isa bit clear for me now. Thanks for the explanation on campaign, perhaps I should have said I must show off our goods or products. Could anybody show off himself? I understood that the usage is considered like bad style, but in which way can we use it?