What's the difference between show and show up?

1. John to Betty: Why you didn't show up last night?

2. Threadbear means to wear clothes till the threads show.

Where should we use show and where show up?

1. show up = make an appearance, come to be present (at some event or meeting)
2. show = be visible


The teacher showed us his pictures from his vacation.

show = make available for viewing

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in the meaning of (not) making appearance, you can say:

"He was no show."

Perhaps this is a slang and is not grammatically correct though.

But does "show" always have to be followed by a direct object?

I mean, for example, in a sentence like

"His anxiety is showing"

Should I say "is showing" or "is showing up" ?

ArdedBut does "show" always have to be followed by a direct object?

No. There's an example above that illustrates this.

Arded"His anxiety is showing"Should I say "is showing" or "is showing up" ?

You should say "is showing". If you say it's showing up, it sounds like anxiety is knocking at the door and waiting for someone to let it in. Emotion: smile


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Oh I see, I got it thanks