Have you seem Shreck 2?I watched it and very like it.That film is not only romatic but also funny.In this film,Sherk get marry to princess and come to Far Far Away country to meet Harlord , his wife's father.But Halord doen't like him and many things happens .Let's watch it(it'll be more interesting if you see it with ur girlEmotion: boyfriend)
i havent watched it,but my friends told me it's sooooo funny. i will go to have a look~~
I strongly recommend that EVERYONE go out and see this film! It KICKS!!!!! Ive seen it about 4 times now, and thinking about it , ill probably see it again tonight !Emotion: smile if you cant goto the Cinema to watch it, Download it from emule. I love all 3d animated films except the toy stories and the Shrek series are my favourite for sure!! As for 2d animation , The emperor's new groove is by far the best one out there. SO WHAT YOU ALL WAITING FOR??? START DOWNLOADING!!!
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i watched it many times irealy like that filim its funy it make me lough every time i watch it
This film is one of my favorate American cantoons. To be frank, I like foreign cantoons more than Chinese ones. I am disapointed that there are a few excellent new cartoons in China now. When I was chinld, I am lucky to watch a few amazing pure China-made cartoons ,most of which are the trodational Chinese stories like Ma Liang, Pi Shan Jiu Mu. In fact, those stories are attractive education materials. However, nowadays, few of new products impresses me. I am not a person involved in the film factory. I am not able to explain the deep reason that Chinese cartoon products lag behind. Now, I still recall the times we sit before the TV to enjoy the vivid Chinese cartoons.
A very entertaining movie!
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The donkey's definitely the funniest one Emotion: big smile
Well done, Eddie Murphy!
BluepalmsThe donkey's definitely the funniest one Emotion: big smileWell done, Eddie Murphy!
The donkey is my favourite too! Emotion: big smile
Mine too! He's too hyper for a donkey ^^.

I watched it last year for a History of Arts project and thought it was quite funny. Especially the scenes with songs in them, they influence my mood Emotion: stick out tongue.

But I didn't like it as much as the first movie. Probably because I'd already seen and heard the 'Shrek humour'... So the second movie wasn't very original and not as funny as the first one. Still liked the characters and the songs though!
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