Is the "up" in shut up an adverb or a PP?
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How could it be a preposition? It has no object.
Hmm, I would completely take it as a verb itself.
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No, the particle has an independent existence, Doll. 'Shut' is verb, 'shut up' is phrasal verb (i.e. verb + adverb).
Hmm, I remembered a lesson when I was writing it and we categorized phrasal verbs as "verbs" in a sentence initially and then made the discriminations later for example phrasal verb. I was thinking of it when I wrote but I was not clear. ( At least I should have explained more) I am sorry if I confused anyone. Emotion: smile
I believe that Doll and Mr. M agree that the expression is what I call a two-word verb [others call it a phrasal verb or other things.] Terminology is not important.
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So, if an adverb, the "up" in "shut the hell up" is emphasising the way the hell should be shut, is it?
Ha, ha! No. 'Shut up' is the verb; 'the hell' is an intensifier. 'The hell' is emphasing how the 'shut up' should be.
It's a particle which is part of the verb.



V particle , a preposition requires a Np after PP



If you say "shut up your mouth , it will be ungrammatical to say:

* Up your mouth shut. On the other hand if you say I walked up the stairs , yoy can say :

Up the stairs , I walked.

This will indicate the difference betweenparticles and prepositions.

Best of luck
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