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Wha?!? Go quickly and watch the 'ballet' sequence in 'Singing in the Rain', and then I'd suggest a cold shower!
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I've just been reading "A suitable vengeance" by Elizabeth George, and have found it rather disconcerting to read about a female character with the name "Sidney". I've never encountered a female Sidney in real life,

I knew a girl called Sid and I miss her very much.
and the image that comes to mind is my wife's uncle Sid,

Disturbing. She was nothing like any Uncle I've ever met.
(She'd be about 29 now.)
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Two more androgynous names that people have forgotten Julian and Robin ( I know in the US the female form of the late is usually Robyn)

I don't think I've ever encountered a female Julian. Julie-Anne is a horse of a different colour.
And as for the other, I suspect "Robin" is the usual female form in the US; it's the UK where Robyn is reserved for that.

I too find it hard to get used to; but ... date of the Feast of the Winding Sheet...'the Sacred Sendon'."

I knew a Sidonie at university. (Why are you masquerading under another monniker?)

Jmike is my baptismal name, deriving from...well, no, as I think you've already heard, I was having trouble with Google's news server, and tried the pathetic AOL newsreader instead.
There's already Brianne. Does anyone actually know a girl called Douglas? (or is it Doug-lass?)

I have a female co-worker named Douglass. She's in her late 40's, I suspect.
Cindy Brunner
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Perhaps it might be, at least partly, the other way ... a female one. Someone mentioned Douglas is Brian next?

There's already Brianne. Does anyone actually know a girl called Douglas? (or is it Doug-lass?)

No. But I'm aware of Miss Michael Learned.

John Dean
Born Tula Ellice Finklea. Go figure.
Of course, John Wayne's actual first name was Marion.
John Dean
I've never met an English woman called Sidney. I think ... Wasn't that one of Colette's names? What about Cyd Charisse?

Born Tula Ellice Finklea. Go figure.

grrr. Shoulda gone all the way down the page at IMDb:

"She danced with the Ballet Russe using the names Maria Istomina and Felia Sidorova.
Took her name Cyd from a nickname originated from her brother. Initially he could not say sister and called her Sid. She took the nickname and convinced her agent to keep the name with the present spelling. He feared that Sid was too masculine."

John Dean
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It's "Frankie and Johnny", as in "Frankie Goes to Hollywood". And a single punctuation mark at the end of the sentence is correct

Anyone know a good glazier?
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