Some of the sightseeing from Turkey.What do you think???

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I never thought Turkey is a place so beutiful

wish I could go there someday after I graduate .
Waow... So much sightseeing to do and so many wonders to enjoy in Turkey...
I have one favour to ask you TheLegend : would you be willing to put a legend (ahahah) or caption on each of the above picture so that we get to know the name of the place ?
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ok.I will do this next time...Emotion: wink




Kuşadasi(pigeon island)

Karpuzkıran waterfall (antalya)

Myra rock tombs (antalya)

Very beautiful pictures, really!
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oh no.....I can't see at this pics....I'm suffering now.....(sigh) Ah doom....why I can't leave now??

well....I have to add in my list another beautiful place that I'll must absolutely visit ......[Y]
let me add some of my favourite photos.

Janissary ur pic also great..I think Turkey is great to have all of these variety of culture
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