This problem happens to me lately that I have already signed in but when I view a thread and then go to 'home', I'll automatically be signed out and so I have to sign in again, but when I click on 'sign in', it will appear on my screen that I am already signed in, then I would have to locate where I would like to go. For example, I choose "my forums", then I select a topic, then reply, and then after that I click on 'home', then the same thing happens, I'll be signed out.

Thank you in advance.

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Me too, and other Mods. The Administrators are still working on the bugs from the server switchover. Patience is a virtue, IF-- and it gives us a chance to become reacquainted with our passwords.
This happens to me too, when I hit the refresh button though, it shows me as logged in again. Have you tried that?
We're working on this, thanks for your patience Emotion: smile
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Yeah, I'm having problems too (not logging in though, other problems).
Everything is worse... Punky, what did you do? Damage, I guess, LOL Emotion: wink
And you still have to send me my refund...

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KooyeenYeah, I'm having problems too (not logging in though, other problems).

Check is in the mail Emotion: stick out tongue
What other problems are you having?
Oh, nothing... posting was slow, very slow (30 sec to a minute to post after hitting the button "post"), all the forum slow in general, some threads didn't open and I got messages like "we are unable to blah blah" (you know, always the same classic error), TCP was acting weird... nothing else, I think.
But now it's ok.
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Ah, ok.. thanks, I'll be more patient... but I still hope the administrators could soon fix this, though.Emotion: wink
Yes, this happens to me too, but only in some threads, such as:

a sentence in a poem by Browning

where I am logged off by the system and if I post, it shows up as anonymous, with the respective delay.

Even in that thread, I was able to post as signed in later.
Me (‘I’ perhaps? – it’s debatable, of course.) too!! I’ve been totally shut out by the system. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. I’m Buddhaheart but in my last post I became anonymous.
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