I must sign a letter on behalf of other people, which I've never done before (in English). When I've looked up the Spanish term in the bilingual dictionary, I have found that the translation is p.a., p.o. or p.p. Are these abbreviations equivalent, or do they mean different things? What do they stand for?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Very interesting question. I found the following explanation:

"Write the initials p.p. before your signature, which should be above the person's name for whom you are signing. The initials p.p. is Latin for per procurationem (per pro) and means the power is delegated to you to sign on that person's behalf and is used commonly in the business world. "

I believe "PA" stands for Power of Attourney. Unfortunately, I am not certain of the meaning for "p.o." in the context of signing a document for someone else.

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Thanks a lot! I had no idea about those meanings. I see that p.p. is adequate in th context in which I need to use it.

Anyone knows about p.o.?
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Yes P.O in french is the same meaning as p.p. in English used to sing on someone's behalf. p.o means : pour ordre.

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p.o. is what we also use in Spanish ("por orden"). But I still wonder whether it means something in English (or maybe when the English use p.o. they are thinking of the French words, I don't know, the same as when they use p.p. and mean the Latin words).

Thanks a lot for your answer. Even though I signed that letter long ago, it's always good to learn something new!