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The letter would still be signed by an individual, surely. A government can't sign a letter. So pp is still appropriate.
Is there any deference between sign on behalf of sb and sign for sb?
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To sign on behalf of my boss, usually write pp, What does it mean by p.p.
Per procurationem (Latin for 'by agency of')
Did you ever get an answer to this question? I'm interested to know what pp actually stands for.. do you know?
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Anon, perhaps you could cast your eyes up just a touch to the post just above yours.
Signatures on behalf of anyone, regardless of who they are, as long as you have permission to sign on their behalf. The pp goes in front of their name and your signature in place of theirs.

Yours faithfully,

Your signature

but if it means 'through the agency of' it's through the agency of the Superior..

so it would be :

My Signature,

'through the agency' of My Boss, Esquire
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This link should clear things up once and for all.Emotion: smile

A brief excerpt from the Wiki article: "The correct usage is the subject of some debate..."

So, that obviously clears things up... right? Hello? Is anyone there?