Im wondering if anyone can tell me the correct manner in which to sign on behalf of my boss?

Does it look something like:

Yours faithfully,

pp. My signature

My Boss' Name and Title

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
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Yours faithfully,

My signature

p.p. My Boss' Name and Title
What does pp. stand for before "My Signature"?
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per procurationem (for and on behalf of)

And it is 'p.p.', and it comes not before your signature but before the superior's name.
is there still a need to print the name of the person who signed on behalf of the boss?
No, just the signature.
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From time to time we argue about this in our office. 'Per procurationem' means 'through the agency of', and many sources (including the Oxford Concise Dictionary) advise that the 'pp' comes before the name of the person signing. Some in my office continue to put the pp before the name of the person not signing, as although they acknowledge that this is formally incorrect, people will think them incorrect is they do it the correct way. At the moment, I am still holding out for putting it before the name of the person signing.
Does the same pattern apply to letters on behalf of a government? Or is pp used strictly in business letters?
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