If I am authorised to sign a letter on someone else's behalf what do I write?

(after my signature and before their name?)

it should be some sort of abbreviation, something like p.s.

can anyone help??
p.p. or per pro. = "per procurationem". This means "by/through the agency of". The agent is the person who is signing the letter on someone else's behalf.

Thus if a PA is signing on behalf of an absent person, the correct form is as follows:

Yours sincerely

p.p. [signature of PA]

Name of Absent Person

"Per pro." is often misinterpreted, however; so you are likely to see letters where the name of the absent person follows "p.p.".

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Hi Guest,

The accepted practice (check your company policy) is to have the name of the person as usual. Sign the letter, then you write a small handwritten 'for' next to the undersigned (left side). This indicates that you have signed on there behalf.

Be aware of what you are signing for, and if you are authorised to do so. It is important to find out your company policy on this matter, as any official correspondence is legally binding and therefore has certain ramifications if signed for, particularly on the behalf of others. Caveat emptor…

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Tim, this was not a question for moral issues that might arise but I was just wondering about the expression in particular. There has to be an expression because I saw that on a multiple choice

And the question went on like that

You are authorised to sign a leter on someone else's behalf. After your signature, but before their name, you would add:

p.s. ( obvioysly not p.s.)

so is this a latin abbreviation I miss? Cant find it on the internet though....

Thank you in advance
Dear Guest,

I am sorry if I went a little further than intended; it was not clear from the question that it was in a multiple choice question. However, it is a legal issue which I felt was necessary to mention, given that this is a public forum and some make take answers to be complete and not consider the ramifications.

p.p. - This stands for the Latin «per pro» or «per procurationem». p.p. is used when someone signs a letter by authority or proxy because another person is not available.

Furher info at this link:

Hope this helps,

Tim thank you!

You are a gem!

couldn't find it on the internet but your link was exactly what I was looking for!!!

thanks once again!
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I could't understand properley.

Great stuff. I would like to know the exact format for this:-

Signature PP

Name of person write on behalf of



PP Name of person write on behalf of

Or can you simply write after your signature "On the behalf of Mr John Smith"

Thank you!
No body answered the last question. How do you format your signature when sigining for somebody else?

pp after your signature or

pp before the name of person writ on behalf of?

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pp goes in front of the name of the person on for whom you are signing. For example if you are Jonathan Sparks and are signing for your MD:

Sign: Johnathan Sparks
pp MANAGING DIRECTOR Timothy Indecall
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