I've been searching the internet looking for some materials regarding the Silent Method in second language learning. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much as far as TSM goes. Does any of you know some useful sources (preferably internet + some books)? Or maybe you could just post something here? I'd be grateful for anything.

There's a paper at http://www.melta.org.my/ET/1996/main3.html

about the Silent Way.

Also try RICHARDS, J. C. Approaches And Methods In Language Teaching. 2. ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

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Re: The Silent Method

Diane Larsen-Freeman in the book Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching includes a chapter entitled "The Silent Way" and H. Douglas Brown in the book Teaching by Principles: An Ineractive Aproach to Language Pedagogy has a number of references to The Silent Method. Accroding to Larsen-Freeman, suggests that Caleb Gattegno's Silent Way shares certain principles with the Cognitive Approach. In other words, "Teaching should be subordinated to learning." The teacher facilitates the learning by observing the students and directing them to the learning experience. Interesting.