I walked into my room and saw a silhoutte of a mouse [behind/through] the window.

Can I say "a silhoutte of a mouse"? I often hear it used with people.

And which preposition is correct. The mouse was outside the window, on the window ledge.

Thanks in advance
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silhouette through the window but on something
as the famous song goes
two silhouettes on the shade
and I would write
I saw THE silhouette of a mouse
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You left out a letter!
a silhouette of a mouse. Yes, you can say that.
Say, "through the window".
Thanks, Optilang!
optilangI saw THE silhouette of a mouse
Good point. That's better.
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Yes. That was a silly mistakes. Thanks, everyone. By the way, if you don't mind, what adjectives do you usually use to describe a silhouette? Slim? Slender? Tiny? Curvy? Sexy?
faint silhouette
Why can't it be sexy or curvy? Any reason?
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