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Exactly! We do not have anything similar to these! I'm going home, probably next week or the week after, I'll definitely buy something to give you better answers, and more expressions.
When something is fishy, we say that there's a smell coming from it! That was the only thing that I could remember with the same sense and similar words!
Hi Abbie,
I'm back on the track! I found this amazing book back home that Provides about 800 Persian proverbs (this time they are really proverbs! ) with thier English and French equivalents. I chose the similar ones between English and Persian, but I'd like to add the French equivalents as wee, in case you or Pieanne could confirm any similarities between French-English or French-Persian one.(Sorry, but I do not have a French keyboard) I'll be really greatful for that. Here we go:
21. Water split on the ground cannot gathered again.
Split water cannot gathered again(Per)
Eaux repandues a terre ne se ressemblent plus.
22. Standing pools gather filth
Water remained still gets putrid/decayed/fetid (Per)(I don't know which adjective describes it best)
L'eau arretee devient impure.
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And one fishy one, Abbie:
23. It is good fishing in troubled waters.
To fish in a muddy water/You have to fish in a muddy water(Per)
Il fait bon pecher en eau trouble(obviously the same as English)
24. Pouring oil on the fire is not the way to quench it.
It's not possible to quench a fire with oil(Per)
Il ne faut pas jeter de i'huile sur le feu.
Hi LanguageLover and abbie.
As to 7.
Persian: To bring the bread.

English: "To be the bread winner" i.e. the person who brings money into the house.
Another similar expression is .
In Japanese there's no analogous phrasal expression (as a matter of course -- we don't live on a diet chiefly of bread). We customarily call such a person as the of a house, and this prop has a lucky name -- the name of one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, .
As to 8. I didn't know this expression. We express this more directly: make one drool ...

By the way, there's such an expression in Japanese : [a hand goes out from the throat], which expresses some strong desire --- a fervent want for something,
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Interesting, Roro. So because he has money, or wealth, he is the prop and stay of a house? Forgive me if I've got it wrong! Please continue.
Hi LanguageLover. I don't think there is a strong connotation with money or wealth in this expression.
It simply means . (..oh you need not to say sorry at all. And although we live on rice, there's no expression like , .)

! Nice phrase.
Your expression is the same, Roro. Don't you refer to saliva as water? This is our forst common expression, haha. However, as Abbie said, I do not think that there would be a nation that doesn't use this!
A hand goes out (away, you mean?)from the throat, or comes out of it? When you have astrong desire for something edible, sonce we were talking about eating!?
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So, you mean it is a coincidence that the bread winner has the same name as the Good/God of Wealth?
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