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Hi LanguageLover,
8. Make one's mouth water.

Actually I didn't understand this at first glance.
A hand comes out of throat. When you have astrong desire for something edible, since we were talking about eating!?

Yes Emotion: smile
It belongs to the different group, though.

There's another one in Japanese:
be in cat's clothing

It means one's mouth.
look as if butter would not melt in one's mouth

This one, too, is a phrasal expression? I saw this for the first time now in my dictionary.
Hi LanguageLover and abbie,
I like this idiom:
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Japanese counterpart is:
The blind won't fear a snake
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"fishy" ones

They all are quite interesting and new to me.
drink like a fish

Japanese counterpart is (though there's no meaning, I think):
drink like a python
They are interesting Roro. "in cat's clothing"! ha ha
It's very common!
Although I noticed some similarity, it seems to me they're mere translations from other languages.
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Hi Roro,
Some of them are translations, but quite interestingly, it's not the case with most of them. This makes it so attractive to study!
Hi LanguageLover!
You're more interested in similarity, right? Like one. Umm ...
Maybe it's not so important whether they were introduced through translation, if they got taken a firm hold in that language.

I'll be looking for new ones!
The grass is greener (on the other side of the fence)

Truth is stranger than fiction

A dead tree is better than nothing

They have almost precise equivalent expressions in Japanese (which are in a frequent use).
(But as far as I see such proverbs are minolity.)
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One more one. I like this:
All is fish that comes to his net
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