Here is a situation:

I had lunch with Jenny yesterday. Today she called me and said she had a wonderful time with me.

Is it possible to use a past perfect tense here, as ‘she said she had had a wonderful time with me’?

Another situation;
Jenny was supposed to have lunch with Tom and Steve. But when she got to the restaurant, Steve wasn’t there. Tom said Steve went back to his office because there was something came up.
Later Jenny told that to Kerry,
“When I got there, Steve had already gone back to his office.”

Is it possible to use a simple past tense here? Also, is it supposed to be ‘Tome said Steve had gone back’ or ‘Tom said Steve has gone back to’?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks Mister Micawber,
That was pretty much all I wanted to know about simple-past/past-perfect.