Could you explain why the following three sentences are correct:

1. I/You/We/They don't take the ferry.
2. He/She doesn't take the bus.
3. It doesn't take an hour.

Why is it that in #1 we say do not and in #2 we say does not? Once again, I know it sounds right but I want to teach my students WHY it is correct. Thanks a million. Best, Mandie
"don't" is short for "do not", and "doesn't" is short for "does not".

Most verbs vary their forms according to person. For example:
I run, he runs.
I go, he goes.
I type, he types.
I forego, he foregoes.
I do, he does.

If the verb ends in "o", it's normal to stick in an extra "e".

it is the same as your other question, really -

it is about the inflections we use on verb endings, we dont have many left in English, but we do still use ----s endings for the 3rd person singular from of a verb, and "it" is a 3rd person singular pronoun.