Fill in the blanks with the correct form of words given:

1. I __________ (read) a very interesting book now.

2. Joanne __________ (work) eight hours a day.

3. Tonight we __________ (see) a play at the thereatre.

4. Who __________ you __________ (speak) to just now?

5. I __________ (not know) him very well.

6. What will you do if she __________ (come) late?

7. My wife __________ (like) coffee for breakfast.

8. What __________ Tom usually __________(have) for breakfast?

9. Your train __________ (leave) at 17.25 from platform 3.

10. What __________ Mary __________ (do) ? She's a student.

11. My whole family _____________(go) to church once a week.

12. My wife and I _______________(go) to the beach in the summer.

13. Listen! The phone ______________(ring) in the other room.

14. Rain seldom ______________(fall) in the Sahara.

15. He is thirteen years old now, and his voice ___________________(change).

16. Let's change the conversation. It _______________(get) too serious.

17. Leap year ________________(come) every four years.

18. My grandfather ______________(grow) tomatoes in his garden this summer.

19. He ______________(grow) them every summer .

20. The children ____________________(leave) for school right now.

21. The children ________________(leave) at 8:30 every morning of the week.

22. Shu! The baby ____________________(take) her nap.

23. In the north the season __________________(change) four times a year .

24. Unfortunately, the patient ____________________ (die).

25. The monsoon ___________________(come) once or twice a year.

26. It's spring and the days ___________________(get) longer.

27. The weather ___________(get) very cold in Moscow in the winter.

28. It _______________(rain) hard, and I don't have an umbrella.

29. It's November and the birds _________________(fly) south.
30. Many birds of Europe ___________(fly) south to Africa every winter.
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3. Tonight we __________ (see) a play at the thereatre.

hmm..why is the verb "to see" and not "to watch"?

Thanks in advance!
I know of no rules governing this, but I think many people make this distinction:

I watched a movie (aired or on CD) last night [on television]. ~ I saw the new film/play [at the theater].

Generally, you go "see" a play or a movie. Once you're there, you may not watch it. You could be too busy necking with your boyfriend, for example.
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To me, you go to see a movie or play. But once you are in the cinema/theatre, you are watching the movie/play.

So, we should say, "Let's go to see a movie/play." It is not correct to say, "Let go to watch a movie/play."
Thank you Philip, Barb and Yoong Liat for your answers! Emotion: smile

Do you mean that it's similar to "hear" and "listen"?

I don't really know how to say it but can it be that when you "watch", you are more concentrated?
I'd say it's exactly the same.
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Okies - Thanks once more, Barb! [K]
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These are my answers and I hope you'll correct the wrong ones.
  1. ..am reading..
  2. works
  3. see
  4. are you speaking to
  5. don't know
  6. comes
  8. does Tom usually have..?
  9. leaves
  10. does May do...?
  11. goes
  12. go
  13. is ringing
  14. falls
  15. is changing
  16. is getting
  17. comes
  18. is growing
  19. grows
  20. are leaving
  21. leave
  22. is taking
  23. changes
  24. died
  25. comes
  26. are getting
  27. gets
  28. is raining
  29. are flying
  30. fly
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i hope
this is my ans. and u r correct and send a mail.
1. read
2. worked
3. saw
4 did spoke
5. dont know
6 comes
8 do had
9 leaves
10 is doing
11 goes
12 goes
13 is ringing
14 is falling
15 has change
16 gots
17 gets
18 comes
19 grows
20 had leave
21 always leave
22 is takeing
23 changes
24 is died
25 comes
26 are getting
27 is getting
28 is raining
29 are flying
30 fly
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