Can anyone please clear my doubts.

If i'd like to ask a friend how many years he has been living in a country, can i say, " How

many years it has been since you live in Sweden?" OR " How many years you have been

living in Sweden?," OR "How many years you have lived in Sweden already?,".

In my own way of saying in an informal conversation, i'd say "How many

years already you have been living in Sweden?" I'm not sure if it sounds natural to native


Another question, if i say " I don't know we would be such a good friend

at/in/from beginning?" Which one is a more appropriate preposition to use in this context.

Many thanks.
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Hello Khoff

I suppose oddly dressed people look nice guys to American eyes, whichever sex they belong to.
The below given picture may serve as a proof of this hypothesis.

[url=""]Faye Valentine[/url]

Ugh. Looks pretty grotesque to me. Ladies?
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To Abbie,
Yeah, I've got yours too, I think.
Hi Temico,

I personally do not mind being referred to as 'guys' in a mixed group or even in an all-girl group, though 'gals' is more appropriate to address the latter group. However, i WOULD not address a group of ladies/girls as 'guys', it sounds rather strange to me to say that, i'd say 'gals' instead, and 'guys and gals' to a group of both sexes. But i've had heard my australian friend said this once, "She plays a bad guy role in that movie".
To Temico,
English "guys, chaps, blokes" correspond to French " les mecs [mek], gars [ga]"
"gals" is "les filles [fî], les nanas [nana]"
And it's true, it's not common to address a group of guys with "salut les filles!". Masculine beings are so touchy!
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Hi Clive,

It's nice to meet you Emotion: smile Actually, the references to Noel Coward and Eccles were a bit of a giveaway, but not wanting to guess (and being curious) I thought I would ask.

Cheers for now,

Mike Emotion: smile
Really, Mike? What about me? Any guesses? Emotion: smile
To Pieanne,

Re: Masculine beings are so touchy!

As you're ("your" to Abbie) well aware that toilets for males and females are separate in co-ed schools/colleges/restaurants/airports/etc. Why do you think that is so? Is it because "masculine beings are so touchy"??
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Dear Julie,

A six gun totin', Sweet n Sour n Sushi (TM) eatin' Lone Ranger?


Touchy (and feely) Mike.
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