Hello mr. moderators , I’m a newcomer in this forum and originally come from south east-asian nation. Although English is a second tongue(language) in our country , but lately it becomes increasingly needed particularly in international business mean. I’ve been looking at this English forum for weeks and eventually eager to join in .. but since my english is awfully poor, i feel it is quite embarrassing !!

Mr.moderators , I ‘m going to join the forum with the purpose to improve my English , especially my writing. I think I could read better , but I’m suffering from difficulties in writing and verbal communication . In other words , I’d like to communicate with those who are native-speakers of English. I really hope that whoever among mr. moderators could spontaneously correct my writings here…I’d be very grateful if you would be willing to have incessant interaction with me .

I stop here my introduction tonight and I hope I’ll hear your respond soon…
Welcome to the English Forums, Mshahri!
Feel free to post anything in the relevant section, and we'll do our best to answer
Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
i'm so sorry, as a newcomer i'm not sure which one is the relevant section, could you please mention(write) it?thank you for your notice!
Well, when you see the home page, you see a lot of sections, eg here "General English grammar question" is for when you have problems with the grammar. "Vocabulary and idioms", when you don't understand a word or an expression, and so on...
Now when you click on the section, you have a page sowing all the lastest questions that have been asek - and hopefully answered. On these pages, top left, you can read "new post"; you can write your question there, with its title, then post it (right under the box, right).Then wait... Emotion: smile Good luck!