this is always the same question... everybody says that I always have to use perfect tenses with "since", but... is that true? I have a couple of examples:

Commercial on TV: "Duff Beer: the best American beer since 1905."
Dude says: "Did you see that comercial? They say Duff is the best American Beer since 1905. Whoa!"

Is that ok? That's a present tense. Is it odd and should it be "They say Duff has been the best American Beer since 1905"?

Twenty soldiers were killed today in the worst attack since the beginning of the war...
Dude says: "Oh, really? Is this really the worst attack since the war started?"
Dudette says: "I don't know, but they said it was the worst attack since the beginning..."

Are those ok? There's a simple present and past tense. Is that odd? Should they be "Has this really been the worst...", "It had been the worst..." in order to sound natural?

Thank you in advance Emotion: smile
A sinceconstruct only when the main verb is in the present perfect? What dude or dudette gave you that bum steer? Emotion: smile Nothing wrong with your examples.

(What's this dude and dudette stuff? Are you slowly devolving? Emotion: surprise )

I see, Jim, thanks. [y]