Esteemed Pupils and Pedagogues,

Can you suggest a single word meaning "since the dawn of time" or "since time immemorial"?

Thank you for your time(!) and kind consideration.

Yours with kind regards,

Aloysius "Jack" Dammit

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Forever, cockroaches have been scurrying around and making a nuisance of themselves.

Thank you. I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a single adjective. Your sentence gives me what I asked for, except that forever isn't a standalone adjective.

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It's "from time immemorial", not "since". I don't care what Google says about it. And your phrases are adverbial, not adjectival. "Forever" is good.

Forever is not what I asked for, boss.

... but you're certainly right about the phrases being adverbial and not adjectival. How embarrassing.

I can make mistakes without Google's help, thank you.

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Jack DammitForever is not what I asked for, boss.

"Antediluvian" is in the ballpark.

Not in the adverbial ballpark, my anonymous friend.

Jack DammitI'm looking for a single adjective.

What noun do you want to use with this adjective? Perhaps there is a natural collocation.

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