What is the appropriate response to ending a letter in reply to an online job ad in which a resume was attached.

Sincerely yours, or Yours Sincerely

Many thanks for your help


I recommend Yours sincerely,

I recommend ...


Simply no need for the "Yours" ... that may offend some people or seem "pushy" ...

It is too personal in my opinion ... unless you are addressing a close friend, etc.

But ... this is a matter of interpretation and opinion ...

I am American ... I practice American English, slang, etc. hehe ...

It is most common to see letters, e-mails, etc., hand written messages, etc.

Ending with ...


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Thank you Michael.

I'm Brazilian and that "yours" had always sounded weird to me. I thought it was only because I am not a native speaker. Now I feel more comfortable to drop it.

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