I came across such a sentence in an ad for a hotel.

Single Supplement £56 per person per night.

What does "single supplement" mean here?
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Hotels charge this when they are putting one person into a double room. This is so that they do not lose money by only having one occupant in a room meant for two people.
If only one guest stays in the room, the guest has to pay £56 per night. If two guests stay in the room, then there is no single supplement and each guest pays £28 per night. Is that right?
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No, the supplement is what they pay in addition to the per person charge.

For example: Bed and breakfast £35 per night. Single supplement £25.

So 2 people sharing the room would pay £35 each - a total of £70.

A single person would pay the £35 plus the £25 - a total of £60.

(some places charge by the person, other places by the room. If there is a single supplement they are charging per person and use this to even up the amount they earn per room)
I see. Thanks.
I'm a bit convinced for the above description about single supplement! a question that normally runs in my mind! and would like please to know more as I face this question on tour quotes planning from my clients!

The explainition there states well as you, but I would like exactly the meaning of "single supplent"
It seems to be an addition payment but why is added especially in Safari tour cost?
Please help know the formula making single supplement,in making tour cost and itinerary.
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single Room supplement is that charge which you have to pay additional for using single Room

Formula to calculate single room supplement is :

Suppose :

Single Room : Euro 70

Double Room : Euro 100

Single Room supplement : Single Room - half of Double room

= 70 - 50 = Euro 20

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Anonymoussingle Room supplement is that charge which you have to pay additional for using single RoomFormula to calculate single room supplement is Emotion: tongue tieduppose : Single Room : Euro 70Double Room : Euro 100Single Room supplement : Single Room - half of Double room= 70 - 50 = Euro 20
There is no 'Single room supplement' there. The cost of a single room is higher per person than that of a double room, but that's not a supplement. Nothing has been added to the price quoted.

Many cruises and packaged holidays are priced per person. but the price quoted is for two people sharing a room. If one person wishes to have a room to themselves, they have to pay an additional price - the single supplement.

Hello Sir,

I got the single supplement. But still have a querry how do get the single supplement on triple sharing??

One question for example

If me and my friend 2persons have already paid for double room. For example take €40. Now one of my other friend also want to join us. Then what will be the supplement for him ?

Please help me to understand this.

I'll be so thankful to you sir.


Gulzar bagri

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