Well, since 14th February is "couple's day"..why shouldn't we have a "single's day" the next day?:)

15th February, singles day!:P ..how will you all celebrate it?:)
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Exactly like Valentine's day: working Emotion: stick out tongue
WoRkInG?:)...I'll send some chocolate cake!:P
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That is a good idea!!! Emotion: big smile Anyway I've just remembered that it's the last Thursday before Lent tomorrow and I have to play in a Carnival party with the band..I'll do this way: while celebrating Carnival I'll think of singles Emotion: stick out tongue
Does Italian Carnival start tomorrow?hmm..yes, think of single's day and the chocolate:P
Oh no, it's going to the end! The last day of Carnival will be on next tuesday with the great 'mardi gras' party!

I promise I'll think of chocolate..I'll do my best to remember the single's day Emotion: stick out tongue
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What!?To the end?!Emotion: surprise It can't be true..then, am I late for it?:P

(enjoy your "mardi gras" party!:) )

I was wondering something..what should people do in Single's day?:P
As far as I know singles usually give some parties on 15th and try to find their soul mate there Emotion: wink
hmm..but that wouldn't be a single's day!Emotion: surprise It would be..a..how is it called? Emotion: tongue tied
I can't remember the word!:P
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