Can you think of any singular words with a plural form? By the way, is it sports cars or sport cars?
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I didn't quite understand your question!

Sports car is the correct term.
News- no news is good news.
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When talking about the institutions do you talk about them in singluar or the plural? For example the 'council is' or the 'council are'? The 'unit provides'or the 'unit provide'?
The council is
The unit is
... Its probably only a matter of time until someone disagrees Emotion: smile
The Disagreement Unit is providing special 'disagreement forms' which may be used by those who disagree.
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I totally disagree. I couldn't possibly go along with that. I know what you mean, but it is not clearly stated. Would you agree?
Sorry Maj, I'm not going to argue until you pay me another five pounds!
a list of singular words with a plural form
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