What do bees/butterflies do?
Sip from / at / in /- flowers?
Thanks you for your help!
Hmm. Good one.

Sip nectar from flowers.

but you can "sip at" your wine (I never do, of course! hic)

I don't think they "sip in", though after they's been sipping from and sipping at for a while, they might slip in Emotion: smile
Sleep in, you mean?

I need to translate a sentence without "nectar"
I't's about this: "butterflies were fluttering about, sipping (from?) tiny flowers etc etc..."
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I think "from" in this context.
Thanks, A (I can't write thanks Abbie for I've already done so - so I guess NOW I'm not repeating myself)
You may call me anything you like, as long as it's not early.Emotion: yawn
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I'm not a very early person, as it is, dear... Well, at least not when I can do otherwise