These fragments are for my blog, So I may not write it too much into detail..

I want to write on how much the social networking sites have helped every one to be in touch. But then too if some one special is missing or does not get time to be in touch through these technology the whole world seems to be depopulted. We become so much dependent on such sites that now if no one updates themselves we feel the love / affection is all over and there is no other way left to be in touch. But here we come to know the strength of our mind and heart and memory which does not need any social sites to be close to our loved ones who r far away. Our memory spans thousands and in seconds we are there.. I need to write something that though the sites, emails phones helps us to know about our loved ones but beyond some extent where all these does not work our telephathy or mental strength works.. We feel we are still very close without all this technologies. and all this Technologies gives happiness for a while we cannot be dependent on them all the time.

Please put the whole stuff in some good words for me..

Thanks all in advance.

Please help me out on the above...
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Will our love or affection diminish if our communications are on the wane?
Is the above now sensible?-- Yes. Never use more than one question mark or exclamation point for good writing.

If I send you the link to my 'memoir' thread for correction will it be visible to all? I don't wish to make it a public but needs to be corrected. Where should I sent and how? -- I charge a fee for private proofing and editing. See my profile for details.
I see ... I will surely let you know..

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