Hi! In a song Bon Jovi, ''Livin' on a prayer'', there are these words as "Tommys got his six string in hock"

Context: Tommys got his six string in hock
Now hes holding in what he used
To make it talk - so tough, its tough

Is the meaning that Tommy is in debt? What is six string?

Thank you.
It means he has pawned his guitar. A pawn shop will take an item and loan you money. If you pay the money back within a certain time (probably with interest) you can get your item back. If you don't pay back the loan, the pawn shop is free to sell the item.
six string - his guitar

In hock - he's given it up as security on a loan
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Nona the brit thank you. So he's given up his guitar (not playing anymore) - What is security on a loan?
His guitar,he sold to a pound shop to make some money. He used to play the guitar, "make it talk". He was not working , obviously, not making any money and for guitar's players must be very hard to sell it. We got to hold on in what we got, in the case, selling his guitar would be one of them...
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"Six string" is a slang term for guitar and "in hock" refers to a pawn shop. It means Tommy sold his guitar to a pawn shop.