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What is the meaning of "skeins of earthy, spirit-like verse" in this text and, more important, what is its relation to other of sentences?

Not coincidentally, this conduct often involves such a dramatic release of tension that master and student find themselves bursting out in stomach-knotting fits of laugher and skeins of earthy, spirit-like verse.

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you.

I saw your links, but, unfortunately, I didn't get your mean.
fit= A sudden uncontrollable outbreak of intense emotion, laughter, coughing, or other action or activity.

But what is the relation between these two.

I can't understand the meaning of that part.


No. You did not read the entry correctly:


1.1 A tangled or complicated arrangement, state, or situation.

‘the skeins of her long hair’

'skeins of earthy, spirit-like verse' = long, tangled strings of coarse, pungent, spiritual poetry

Thank you so much. I got it finally Emotion: smile)

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