Does anyone tried to use Skype to learn languages? What you were doing, just chating or organized any kind of "lessons"? I tried it recently but I cannot tell that this is extremely helped me. So I'm thinking may be a problem in a lesson organiztion - nobody know what to talk about.

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I think skype is an usefull tool for practicing english and i´ve got friends around the world. I`m frecuently connected there and everyone should learn how to get all resources that skype can offer you.

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There are sites that will help you do this. The Mixxer, will help you find a language partner who will help you learn the language in exchange for helping them learn your native language. For example, if you're learning Spanish, it will let you search for and speak with a native speaker of Spanish learning English.
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Do you have a webcam and want to use it to learn English? Listen, look and talk in small classes with a native teacher. Uses skype, sightspeed and other software. Free until september.

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Dear Sheen,

Experience varies from person to person. I have very good experience in Skype. I not only use this as a tool, but it seems to be an asset for a good user. You can experess your views, thoughts. Do you want to learn any specific language. Do you need to practice some language. Please feel free to tell me. I look forward to hear from you. YOu may send me a private mail to: <removed by a mod. Please write it in your profile.> Please mention English forum in Subject.

Best of luck.

i have got one, but it seems that all the people there ignor me, i can not add anyone on to my friend list. that is an unpleasant time for me.
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Hi there,

Does kind of depend on the language I think. I've been learning french using Skype with pretty good results. Another thing which has a big impact on it's effectiveness is how good your skype connection is. My experience has been that it's an excellent way to stop your language skills getting too rusty and get some regular practice.

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Hi people.
I'm going to start using skype on weekends to practice English.
You may add me. get my skype info in my profile, it it's not there please send me a message through the forum.

I believe it's a good way to learn English through conferences on the internet.

what do you think?
Well my thoughts are that any conversation practice can help, I am a teacher and have tried a few ways to do private lessons on the internet. To teach a proper lesson... it's not very good. Skype is great to talk to friends and family. Where i teach on the net ( the biggest company) we use a full virtual classroom, and that isn't perfect either!!! If you can find a good teacher using a real virtual classroom you will learn more.

I would never promote the people i work for on principle Emotion: zip it but i have seen some good schools online i think would be worth a free trial.

Good luck,

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