Hello guys,

In the following sentences, what do you think is the best probable meaning of the part underlined?
For the first one, "slam you in the face every time", what do you think about the meaning?

And for the second one, "the peaks leave... in town",
does it refer to the height of the peaks or the distance from valley floor to the peaks?

hope to hear your opinion.



No matter how many times you visit, Ouray’s views slam you in the face every time. Sandwiched between imposing peaks, tiny Ouray just might be that little bit of paradise John Denver waxes lyrical about in ‘Rocky Mountain High.’ Here the mountains don’t just tower over you, they actually embrace you – the peaks leave barely quarter of a mile of valley floor in town!
If something "hits you in the face", figuratively, it is very close to you. "Slam" is stronger than "hit".

The peaks are so close together that the town of Ouray (which I visited several times while growing up in Colorado) has very little area in the space between them.
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Thanks Philip,

Now I see every clause has a proper meaning in relation with the others in a paragraph.^^
Yes, I've seen the town on website, which looks quite small town but beautiful.

Just if you don't mind, could you tell me some of your opinion about the other question I had --the last sentence, "the peaks leave barely quarter of a mile of valley floor in town! "
Is it correct for me to understand that the distance of the peaks and the valley floor is about quarter of a mile? or else, like height?

Thanks again in advance~
It's probably a quarter of a mile between the base of the mountains on either side. As I remember Ouray, it is very narrow and quite long.