I am translating from Czech and the word "shampoo" is used there as a pun. In Czech it means not only the hair care product but also a metrosexual guy (strangely enough it is an art commentary). The author is quite keen on it, is there another slang word for metrosexual with similar implications/pun? like "shampoo guy" maybe?

I need to submit it really soon.

Hi Helena Pechackova,

Wow - this is not an easy one.

Before I even attempt an answer, I need for us to agree on the meaning of metrosexual. Do you agree that it means: a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste.


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yes... well, "shampoo" is a bit pejorative, that is, he focuses too much on his looks, fashion etc.
shampoo guy would make no sense to a native speaker.
maybe you can use "Dandy" which means who gives much importance on physical appearence..

Or you can also use "Chad" or "Chav" ..
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I'm with Dragonrider33 on that. Do you remember the verse from Pushkin's Eugene Onegin: 'kak dany londonskij odet...'?