I picked up these expressions from a movie:

"You could choke a dozen donkeys on that!"

and another one

"All right, all right. Keep your alans on."

I didn't manage to find them at any dictionaries I had.
I even don't know whether they are idioms or slang.
Could anyone help me with descriptions of the two?
The speakers were Londoners.

Thank you.
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You are right about the Alan Wickers but not about the Choking a dozen donkeys bit. The chocking reference comes from the fact that he has a huge wad of cash in his hand and could choke them with the money.

I have read the meaning of Keeping your knickers on, and I understand it was originally termed as "Shirt" not "Knickers", but where did it originate and in what context and by whom?

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Did you read earlier in this thread about Alan Whicker and knickers?