I need some present slang equivalents for "friend". Not only in English, it can be in another languages.

Thanks folks! Emotion: smile
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digger (Aust. and N.Z.)
Oh, let's not forget
. Bosom Buddy!!
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China plate??????

Mmm... yeah, I'm thinking about it and frying my brain wondering where that coining comes from. Emotion: indifferent

Thank you "chocheras" for all your contributions! Emotion: smile
Colega (Spanish slang)
slang: tío, tronco.
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Ryan, 'China Plate' is Cockney rhyming slang for 'Mate'.
One of my favourites is 'trouble and strife' - wife.
Oops, that last post was for Raul.
Mike, LOL! That took me back my childhood days in London, although I wasn't born within the sound of Bow Bells (the old and proud definition, of course, of being a real Cockney). And wot abaht (though nuffink to do with slang synonyms for 'friend), 'Barnet Fair', 'boat race', 'mince pies', 'Duke of Montrose', 'Norf and Sarf' (North and South). A clue for non-Londoners among the rest of you nice people out there, all the 'items' mentioned are to be found around the human head. Sorry, I've gone off-diary on this one. I suppose it should be a new thread. Please make allowances for a new kid on the block. It will never happen again!
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Dawg is another one!
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