I need some present slang equivalents for "friend". Not only in English, it can be in another languages.

Thanks folks! Emotion: smile
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some can be found here:
but be careful, not every word mentioned at the top of the page is a synonym:-)
Kumpel (Polish)
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Interesting pair of words.
Sociologically, the people who say 'homies' would never say 'chums', and vice versa.

In Korean,

- chackoong : in kindergartens or elementary schools

- chingoo : for all generations

- bud, dongmoo : in rather old generation
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main squeeze
" Main squeeze"

Wingman's more of the friend that will provide you with backup

(on a double date he takes the uglier girl, possibly to bed, just so you have a chance with her stunningly beautiful friend)

here's to you mr. wingman, without your sense of bravery and fellowship, we would all be down in the dirt
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... or in bed with ugly girls?
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