I need some present slang equivalents for "friend". Not only in English, it can be in another languages.

Thanks folks! Emotion: smile
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hi I'm someone and I have no clue I also need help

Where I live a wingman is a "bro" friend you bring to an event with you to help pick up women. Usually they will act like utterly horrible people toward the object of your interest so that you look like a saint by comparison.
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Fella, bruh, pal, bud, kiddo, mate, chingu, Ami, amigo...

India: nanba (Tamil) dosth (Hindi) 😊

Here are some slang words for best friend(s)

- buddy

- bro

- bruh

- dude

- boy

- girlfriend

- mate

- brother

- sister

- B

- idiot

- babe

- boo

- lil

i hope some of these words are good. Enjoy 😉

Spoken as: Me ol' china.

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bestie, gancho, diablo