Hello teachers:

What's the exact meaning of 'sleep late'. Does it mean 'go to bed late' which is similiar to 'stay up late' , or 'get up late' which is similiar to 'sleep in' ?

Thanks in advance!
It means the person overslept or failed to wake up as early as he or she wanted to or expected to. Sometime, we plan to get a lot of sleep on a Saturday, and actually want to sleep in, to get extra time snoozing.
It means the latter of your two proposed explanations. If one inadvertently sleeps past when one meant to get up, the expression used is usually overslept. If one plans to sleep in because one has the luxury of doing so, or has chosen to do so, "hang the consequences", so to speak, the expression is usually, sleep late, as in, "I'm going to sleep late every morning of my vacation," or slept late, as in, "I slept late both mornings this weekend because I was up so late studying every night last week."
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if I want to say ' I went to bed very late', is there a phrase expressing that meaning?
People say, "I got to bed late last night," or, "I got to bed really late last night." Another version, "I didn't make it to bed until really late last night." There really isn't anything akin to "overslept" that means going to bed late.
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thanks a lot .