In the sentence

"The case study in the slideware I sent out last week demonstrates it.

Share away !"

I have 3 questions:

1) is slideware the same as a presentation with normal slides?
2) is sent out interexchangable with "sent over" or simply "sent you" (or maybe sent to you?)
3) what's the meaning of "share away!"?
(1) 'slideware (SLYD.wayr) n. A much-hyped software product that currently exists only
as a series of slides in a sales or marketing presentation.'

(2) 'Sent out' suggests that it was sent to several people.

(3) 'Share away' means 'go ahead and share it with anyone you wish to'. '-- away' is an idiomatic form for 'do freely and as soon as you wish': 'Smoke away, this is a smoking area'. 'Any questions?-- ask away, I'll answer them all!'
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Thank you so much MrMicawber for your helpful answers.
two more things however:
as for (2): is sent out then the same as sent (to) you being you 2nd person of plural? and the same as sent over?

as for (1) it seems a powerful online dictionary you're using... would it be possible for you to "share away" ? Emotion: wink

As for (2)-- no, not necessarily 'sent to you (all)'; just distributed generally is all 'sent out' implies. 'Sent over' means sent from one place to another specific place: 'I sent it over to the Tokyo office'.

As for (1)-- I usually use the most powerful dictionary I know online: it's called Google Search.