What's the difference between slush and sludge?
Have you looked in a dictionary?
Not really. Slush can be muddy, but it is not mud. sludge is not normally used of snow.
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Slush: Partly mealted snow that is usually dirty, or mud... Also for stories, films or feelings those are considered to be silly and without value because they are too emotional and romantic.
Ex: Clean white snow had turned to grey slush.
Ex: The critics considered that piece of music a slush. (informal)

Sludge: thick, soft, wet mud or a substance that looks like it; industrial or human waste that has been treated.
Ex: There was some sludge at the bottom of the tank.
Ex: The use of sewage sludge as a fertilizer on farm land.

Somehow, they both seem to be something dirty and used. But because of the second ex for Sludge, I think that sometimes, something called sludge still can be recycled. And Slushcan be use for abstract meanings (for films, movies, etc...). It's my opinion Emotion: smile
So, their meanings overlap somewhat: thick, soft, "creamy" mud.
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Hi AH020387

So pleased you asked. Really polarizing topic that lacks distinction within any literature available through the DVLA or any relevant other highway and motoring authorities.

While Sludge and Slush seem similar in their slipperyness, they are fundamentally different - I cannot stress this enough.

Slush (ficus slush) is the melting of snow. Melted snow on the ground. Snow half melted into ground melt.

Sludge (gravi derelinquere caenois) a genus of slop. It encompasses a wide web of browns, greens and even blacks. Yellow depending on the situation. In some extreme cases orange is even tolerated - recent incidents have been noted of its sitings and been reported. Links to these reports are made available through the poisonous liquids research teams website.

The transformation from slush to sludge comes when the slush interacts with muddy dirt.

Aside common cousins such as black ice, slime and scum - it is often difficult to conceptualize their placement on the scale. I sincerely hope this sheds some light on the situation for you.

Bonne chance