Salary: 15000RMB-20000RMB/month plus bonus

Wed-Sun, 5 days a week. Mon & Tue off

Mandatory Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree or above.

• Two years Teaching Experience with Authorised Referrals OR Qualifications to Education or English, i.e: TEFL (120hours or above), TESOL, CELTA etc

• Full DBS check.

Above requirements are mandatory for Chinese Working Visa Application

Job Details:

• Teacher Responsibilities:

Teaching Chinese Students from age 3-8 at entry level of English.

Class Size: up to 10 students Working Hour: 5 days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, Mon & Tue off.

Approx. 20 hours classroom teaching time and 20 hours office time (Preparing teaching plan, Curriculum development, training, feedbacks on homework etc.)

• Requirements:

Excellent communication skills, patient and passionate in teaching.

With the ability to listen and engage with the students.

Basic IT skills: Microsoft office software Experience in teaching, but not essential

Bachelor’s degree or relevant Qualifications like TEFL, TESOL, CETAL, PGCE are preferred, but not essential.

• Benefits:

Accommodation provided with a shared apartment. Or accommodation allowance.

Flight ticket allowance after 12month contract. Chinese Working Visa.

Special holiday and birthday gifts.

Free training classes.

Airport pick up service.

Reward bonus on excellent performance.

Paid National Public Holidays

Sick Pay

Notes: Candidate has to meet Chinese Working Visa requirement. Travel insurance can be provided.

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