A friend of my sent it to me. This logic test is given to children when applying for kindergarten (I guess in Russia).
Guys, I have to be honest, I failed this test Emotion: big smilebut how about you? Emotion: wink

8809 = 6
7111 = 0
2172 = 0
6666 = 4
1111 = 0
3213 = 0
7662 = 2
9312 = 1
0000 = 4
2222 = 0
3333 = 0
5555 = 0
8193 = 3
8096 = 5
7777 = 0
9999 = 4
7756 = 1
6855 = 3
9881 = 5
5531 = 0

2581 = ?
1 2
Uhh.. I have no idea but it must be very simple if it is for kindergarden children.. It is easier for a child because we tend to think complex. With the first look, I started to apply maths all around, and it shouldn't have anything to do with maths. Anyway, I wonder what the answer is and the logic behind it Emotion: big smile
2581 - 2
it's really easy, but it's a logical test to apply to school in Russia (for six-year-olds)
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Congratulation, Dew2007! You are accepted to the kindergarten! Emotion: big smile
It is 2.. so what is the logic behind it?
You shouldn't look at the numbers. Just count the circles - in 2581 there are only two circles in "8".
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It's obvious, Neversaynever. You're trying to find the decision in the same way as me were doing: by applying some maths.
Emotion: whisper That's the wrong way, believe my experience. Emotion: big smile
So that's it? Circles.. Emotion: big smile Well, all I can say is now I understand why is that for kindergarden kids.. They don't knownumbers, but we do.. so, we look from a total different angle.. When I see some equation, I don't count the circles or something because I know what numbers mean, so I look them as numbers.. (I believe every adult does that, or everyone who knows maths) Emotion: stick out tongue I wonder whether I could have succeed if they have given me that test in that ages.. hehe
Hahaha! I made too many different formulas adn codes whatsoever, it even made my nose bleed of thinking, hahahaa!
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