hello people, 1. can someone tell me what is the meaning of the word 'smart ass', my first impression is that it contains a derogatory meaning, is it negative, positive, or neutral in meaning? or depends on context? 2. what about 'leverage', i was reading some technical article, came across the word, looked it up in the dictionary but found only finance/economics related meaning. not what i was looking for. 3. while u'r at it, can someone tell me about the game'duck-duck-goose', what its purpose, what does it mean when a person not in the circle tags a person in the circle? then he/she skips some people...i didnt get it, what is 'tagging a person' here? thank you all for your attention and help.
"Leverage" is being used more and more often in a sense outside of the financial one. It means basically to use a strength to your advantage. For example, you want to leverage the collective knowledge of your team, which means really make use of their knowledge. Or leverage our position as a market leader, meaning that in some say, the fact that you have a good market position is going to help you in whatever project you're about to undertake. I have not yet (thankfully) heard it much outside of businesses or organizations. The days someone wants to "leverage your friendship" to borrow your truck, for example, is not yet here... for now.

"Tag" means to touch with your hand. The Family Fun site explains the game pretty well. It's played only by younger children.

And please don't use "u'r" - it's okay in a text message on your cell phone, but get in the practice of writing "you're" in every other context.
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JulielaiSmart ass = smart aleck. Smart aleck: http://www.bartleby.com/61/19/S0491900.html

One thing to add, Julielai, is that we should be sure to tell him/her that "smart ass" is not equal to "smart aleck." "Smart ass" is a swear, and definitely not to be used under normal circumstances.