I want 5 -5 simple examples of "smile" and "metaphor".

I searched these on internet but the examples are either difficult or taken from some poems which are rather difficult for me to remember.

Could anybody help me?
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Hello Hanuman. I'm not clear on what you are looking for, or how many. Sample sentences containing metaphors for smile?

I want 5 exaples of "smile" and 5 example of "metaphor".
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I think what you mean is that you want 5 examples of a simile and 5 metaphors.

Have a go at looking for them yourself first (or thinking of some originals) and we'll check if they are ok. I'll be nice and give you an example of each to make sure you understand what they are but then I really think you need to do your homework yourself!

A simile is where one thing is directly compared to another and usually includes the words 'like' or 'as'. example: "He was as cold as ice".

A metaphor is where one thing is spoken of as if it actually were another thing, and does not include 'like' or 'as'. example: "He is my rock". He is not literally a rock and he is not being compared to a rock. 'Rock' is being used to represent certain qualities in him.
Hanuman is a teacher, not a student, Nona,and has been with us for a long while, though I haven't seen him about recently. (Though what do I know-- I can't tell a smile from a simile!)

I can't believe you couldn't find any online, though, Hanuman-- they're a dime a dozen. If you want really simple ones, just make them on Nona's pattern:

Your nose is like a cucumber.
Your hair is like seaweed.
Your biceps are like mussels on the half-shell.

Your nose is a cucumber
Your hair is seaweed.

Oh yes, sorry Hanuman, I forgot who you were for a minute there!Emotion: smile
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I believe you mean SIMILE.

Both are figures of speech. The difference between simile and metaphor (simply), simile shows a direct comparison, metaphor shows an indirect (assumed) one... (I'm confusing myself here, but hopefully my examples will be of help)

Simile: She walks in beauty, like the night.

Metaphor: The mind is an ocean. This city is a jungle.

(Both examples are taken from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary.)

(Tip: If a comparison is stated, or implied and the word 'like' is used, it's a simile, otherwise it's a metaphor)
Hello (Sir. Mr. M.M , Madam Nona the Brit)

I typed "simile" as "smile". I am very sorry .

Now I got what I was looking for.
AnonymousDo u mean simale??
This is really beyond the pale. Emotion: happy
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