Hi There,

Could you guys please help me out figuring out what the most accurate meaning of this expression is?

"To smile with one's mouth turned down at the corners"

I'm not sure whether that means smiling a half smile, or a forced or a bitter smile...or just unhappily smiling maybe? I'm just wondering... and I haven't been able to come up with the proper explanation.


It sounds like a wry smile.

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I was just watching the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders' training camp, and a couple of the coaches have turned down smiles. I think vanity is the reason. Not as many smile lines if you have a turned down smile. : ( And southern belles should know! : ) My theory!
It happens when you have strong chin muscles. It's a genuine smile. I thought about getting Botox to correct mine. My husband vetoed the idea. He said he loves my smile.