Hi guys,

am just a little confused...

speaker 1: "smile and the world will smile back to you"
speaker 2: "smile and the world will smile back at you"
speaker 3: "smile and the wolrd smiles with you"

which one is correct? please help..thanks....am not a native english speaker.
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This is just a common phrase, and the way it's usually said is option 3.

The meaning of it isn't about literally smiling, so the world smiling at you doesn't really fit (although option 2 is better English than option 1). The point it's making is that when you're happy, it's infectious and others around you will also tend to feel happy. I'm sure someone else could explain it better but that's my own take on it.
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I feel that all can be correct, but #2 and 3 are most commonly used. Just remember to smile and good things will happen!!!
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Roy Van RiveroWhich one is correct?

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