Would you explain the meaning of "smoke out" in the sentence below? I know two meanings: one is like, to fill a place with smoke to get someone out, and the other is like, to make someone confession. But neither of two makes no sense.

(It's about marijuana) I sell grams for $20 but mostly just smoke everyone out.

Thank you in advance,
ok here is my opinion...

smoke someone out is when you get them high with your own weed

what I get from that paragraph is that the guy was selling marijuana but he would give away some of it.. thats why in the end he says I dont make any money, its more for status... which means he did sell it but he didnt make much money out of it because he would give it away to create a good status of himself

if I am wrong .. feel free to correct me Emotion: big smile
I'm not sure if it can make any difference, though.

I'm my own planet at the pool, being the only American and things are star spangled. I sell marijuana out of a briefcase tucked away under my lounger. I sell grams for $20 but mostly just smoke everyone out. I don't make any money it's more for status anyways.

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Thanks for the reply. That sounds making sense and I'll go with it. Emotion: smile