I found that hock is sth like middle ankle of an animal. But I'm confused with this expression because in a recipe this is cooked, with other things like oil, garlic, spices and split peas and mashed in a dish called split peas. How can you mash a hock? Or is meat from that part -ham-what is mashed, once when cooked? I don't understand how can you mash a bone?
Please help me
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Looks like there's meat on that bone, Antonia: look at this
I've seen it.It's too early for pig feet pieanne!:))
The recipe doesn't say remove the bone, just mash the ham..
Thank you pieanne
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While doing that research, I stumbled upon a recipe ham hock + lima beans.
Maybe I should post it for MrP...
But you will be liable for damages
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This sounds like a dish we have over here called "pease pudding", although for that the peas are just cooked in ham stock. I think if you cooked the ham for long enough it would probably become v. soft, but I doubt that it would be the same consistency as the peas.Maybe it just means that you cook it until v. soft then work it into the mashed peas.
Work it into does it mean simply put it in or mash it together? I'm not sure, I have to check, but I think they go together in a food processor , don't take this for granted it's possible that I mixed things up (couple of recipes in my head,), I have to find it and check
If they go together in food processor, maybe you could say "blend together in food processor" (or am I answering another question?)
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