Hi guys, please help me in finding the mistakes I made in my essay .
It's an assignment about snow melting . Notes :
1. Write 100-120 word.
2. The title is snow is melting.
3. write 10 metaphors and 5 similies.
Here is my draft :
It was a cold winter that year in Amman. The snow fell down from the sky just like the best gift the lord has ever given. As the snow fell to the ground, the land wear a whiten garmet of snow. crystal flakes covered the houses's roofs. The trees were exhausted from the heavy loads of snow that laid on their branches. During that winter, the sun hide itself behind the woolen dark sky. The thunder sound was always loud like a mortar hitting its targets.

When the snow flew down from the heaven for the first time, everything slowed down, and the thoughts of snow-ball fights and snowman flashed in many people minds. Many people decided to go to the nearby mountain to enjoy themselves and make snow fightings. The street of Amman were sank in the snow as the cars were under the surface of the two metres of cumulative snow. The road traffic was completely paralyzed. The ministry of education declared many holidays during that winter . During that winter the sun was shining brighter, longer each day taking away the darkness of winter and making the city different from anytime. For that reason, everyone became so loud, lauphed longer and made many plans to run outside and play.

In the last days of that winter, the snow flakes were as flames falling down from the burning sky. The cars' sounds were heared and also the trees put off their heavy loads as it had melt. The sun light struck upon the roads, making them bright like brazed glass. the birds' sounds were melodious like the sound of a bird.

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